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Group exercise classes

Group exercise classes

We offer over 30 exercise classes per week during term time with a reduced timetable out of term time. Our classes are categorised into three groups: cardio & conditioning, strength & tone and mind & body. See below for class descriptions, timings and locations:

Our group exercise class timetable is currently suspended following the recent government guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our classes

A quick core workout aimed at those who want a washboard stomach. This class is designed to sculpt your whole body through high and low impact exercises.

A mix of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. This class aims to strengthen the whole body whilst relaxing the mind.

Punching your way through up to 740 calories. Body combat includes moves from karate, boxing, taekwondo and many others. This class is suitable for all levels and is great functional training workout to improve co-ordination.

A barbell based class for those who want to try weight based exercise. This class focuses on high repetition with low weights in order to achieve a lean physique.

A non-contact cardio workout. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class is made up of boxing drills to build stamina, coordination all while giving your whole body a great workout.


A short, intense workout targeting the abs, back and bum. This immersive virtual class tightens core muscles, improves mobility and is vital for a stronger body.

(This class is currently only available as a virtual class).

A high intensity interval workout aimed taking fitness ‘to the next level’. This class will help you build muscle, improve stamina and maximise calorie burn all in 30 minutes.

This class offers a full body aerobic workout to target the abdomen and lower body. It is perfect for those looking to lose weight or simply improve their fitness levels.

A low impact exercise similar to Yoga. This class concentrates on strengthening core muscles in a gentle session that stretches and aligns your body.

A 45 minute high intensity circuit workout burning up to 750 calories per 45 minute class.

Royal Holloway's own version of high intensity interval training. Structured through short interval bursts of high energy, intense exercise. For those looking to boost endurance levels, increase metabolism and overall toning.

A group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It's fun, low impact and you can burn up to 675 calories a session. With great music pumping and the group spinning as one, your virtual instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding.

An indoor cycling class that can burn up to 740 calories in 1 hour. This class gives your glutes and quads a great workout through low impact high intensity sessions.

These sessions are open to all women who want to workout in the privacy of our studio space. There is a range of equipment available in the studio from squat racks, benches, free weights, a plyometric box, mats, steps, cardiovascular equipment (watt bike, assault bike, ski ergs and spin bikes), TRX and more.

A mixed ability class combining physical exercise with meditation to aid health and relaxation.

A combination of Latin dance moves to upbeat, vivacious music. This dance based workout increases stamina and gives your whole body a fun and energetic group workout.

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