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Our case studies for Research Excellence Framework 2014

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), 86% of our research was judged world-leading or international in quality.

All of our case studies submitted for REF 2014 were judged to have 'outstanding' or 'very considerable' impacts, in terms of their public reach and significance.

Adapting Zola for the 21st Century

Emile Zola’s twenty-volume Rougon-Macquart novel sequence are all classics of nineteenth-century French literature. In flagship project for BBC Radio 4, Professor Dan Rebellato worked with a small team of writers to adapt Zola's novels for a twenty-seven episode run on the radio. The aim was to rethink what a ‘classic adaptation’ might look like, and to bring out the books' radicalism, their shocking interventions in contemporary life, their complex ambiguities, and their extraordinary ambition.

Cultural responses to dementia

Each year, more and more people are living with dementia, bringing with it profound cultural changes. This research, led by Helen Nicholson with doctoral students Nicola Hatton and Jayne Lloyd, analysed how a culture response to dementia can complement social or medical interventions. In part, the research was focused on the contribution artists can make to the culture of dementia care. It also considered how the representations of people experiencing dementia in popular culture are shaping or challenging negative stereotypes of ‘dementia sufferers’.

Indigenous performance around the world

Helen Gilbert works with performance makers and cultural institutions to develop her thinking about contemporary arts praxis. She mounted a digital version of an exhibition she curated in 2013 on indigenous performance in the Americas, Oceania, and S. Africa. This work creatively probes questions about cultural entanglements across time and place and the challenges of archiving ephemeral acts. Helen is Artistic Associate for Origins Festival of First Nations, staged biennially by Border Crossings, a London intercultural arts company.

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