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Creative Writing Modules

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Creative Writing Modules

Modules in Creative Writing offer students a chance to experience various forms of writing before specialising in one of poetry, fiction or playwriting their third year. There is also the opportunity in third year to explore a number of other types of creative writing in more detail in the wide-ranging 'special focus' courses. Other students can take a creative writing module in second year designed for non-creative writers: EN2215 Structure and Style. All students are welcome to take Special Focus in their third year.

First year creative writing students take both CW1010 and CW1020, alongside courses from their joint degree programme.

Second years chose two from Playwriting, Fiction and Poetry.

Third years take one of these on for specialist study and developing a portfolio, and take this alongside options in CW3103.

First Year Modules

Second Year Modules

Third Year Modules

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