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Undergraduate Degrees in Modern Languages

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Undergraduate Degrees in Modern Languages

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC) is a truly inspiring and international setting.

We are a friendly and lively community, where you can engage in dialogue across cultures and develop a global, critical mind-set. The School offers a wide range of degree combinations that will help you to develop your interests and skills. As well as Modern Languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish), we offer cultural and literature studies.

Our students are passionate about culture and go into an array of careers in the arts, media, law, teaching, research and the commercial and public sectors. Our School is located in the bright, modern International Building opposite the Students' Union on our beautiful, green campus.

Degree combinations

  • Choice and flexibility is at the core of our Modern Languages degree programmes, allowing you to follow the your path, and giving you a great start in your future career. Whether you want to specialise in one language or even achieve fluency in two or three languages, the School offers a number of degree options.
  • All the languages we teach can be studied ab initio or at advanced level. Most SMLLC language degrees involve the chance to spend a year abroad. If you take BA Modern Languages as a single honours programme or as a major with another subject (BA Modern Languages with …) you can choose to take up to three languages in your first year. You can continue with one or more of your first year languages into your second, third and fourth years.
  • You can also choose to take Modern Languages as part of a Joint Honours degree with another subject. On these programmes you will choose one language in your first year and continue this throughout your degree – including a year abroad in a relevant country.
  • Studying languages means discovering a world of literature, culture, art and theory, and the School is home to experts in a wide range of fields.
  • We offer French, Spanish, German and Italian as a minor option in combination with subjects including Economics, Mathematics and Music (see relevant department pages for details). These are three-year degrees which allow you to gain language proficiency alongside your major subject, but without a year abroad. The study of a modern language, including the benefit of a year abroad, also forms part of a European and International Studies degree in the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Teaching and Support

  • We're proud to have been awarded an exceptional number of teaching prizes for innovation and excellence.
  • We use a range of teaching and assessment methods which feed into your independent study and complement each other.
  • You'll also benefit from a Personal Advisor who'll help you make the most of the choices available to you and of your potential.
  • When you join us, you'll work with world-renowned specialists in literature, culture, film, visual art and philosophy in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Latin America and beyond. We love to share our expertise in accessible ways, helping you get the most out of your degree.

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