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Your future career

Our Modern Languages graduates are extremely well-placed to take full advantage of a globalised jobs market in which languages are increasingly vital skills sought by today’s employers.

Equipped with such a splendid ‘passport’, the world can truly be said to be open to you.

Stand out from the crowd

Future employers know that investing in a Modern Languages degree requires rigour and an impressive range of talents, and recognise the transferable skills gained through studying foreign languages and cultures.

The UK has a lack of language skills in the international employment market so opting for a Modern Languages degree is a way to distinguish yourself as a potential high flyer.

Choose from an array of career choices

90% of our graduates are working on in further study six months after graduation (DLHE 2017).

They are working in organisations as diverse as the Canadian High Commission in London, UBS Investment Bank, the BBC and Amazon UK.

Student view

Claire, BA German and Italian

"After leaving university I went to work for a film and television Public Relations agency in Berlin. I then moved to Milan and worked for a fashion Public Relations agency, and am hoping to continue my career in fashion PR in London.

I think mastering languages opens up many doors for you and makes you an attractive candidate for future employers as you have proved you’re a good communicator."

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