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Media Arts contacts

Contact Helen Adams

Studio Manager

Contact James Bennett

Professor of Television & Digital Culture

Profile | +44 1784 443940

Contact Daniela Berghahn

Professor of Film Studies

Departmental Research Lead

Profile | +44 1784 443838

Contact Alfie Brown

Lecturer in Digital Media Culture & Tech

Departmental Admissions Co-ordinator, Programme lead for DMCT


Contact Dan Cayzer

Head of Production Facility

Contact Sheryl Crown

Senior Teaching Fellow

Contact Manishita Dass


PGR Lead

Profile | +44 1784 414034

Contact Rhys Davies

Senior Lecturer

Head of Media Practice

Profile | +44 1784 414110

Contact John Ellis

Professor of Media Arts

Profile | +44 1784 443831

Contact Adam Ganz


Profile+44 (0)1784 443147

Contact Armando Garcia

Lecturer TF

Programme lead for VGAD


Contact Dale Gent

Desktop Support Coordinator 

Contact Olga Goriunova

Reader in Digital Culture

Director of Graduate Studies (Research Programmes)

Sabbatical (2021-22)


Contact George Guo

Lecturer in Broadcast Media (TF)

Integrated Foundation Year Coordinator 

Profile | +44 1784 276216

Contact Nick Hall

Lecturer in Film and Television Studies

Profile | +44 1784 276216


Contact John Hill


Profile | +44 1784 414684

Contact Christopher Hogg

Lecturer in Creative Digital & Soc. Medi


Contact JP Kelly


Profile | +44 1784 443005

Contact Barry Langford

Professor of Film Studies

Head of Department

Profile |  +44 1784 443833

Contact Nick Lee

Teaching Fellow, Film & Television Studies


Contact Jacob Leigh

Senior Lecturer

Profile | +44 1784 414121

Contact Ivan Levene

Teaching Fellow

Contact Helen Littleboy

Senior Lecturer

Departmental employability lead


Contact Christopher Maher

Media Arts Technician 

Contact Victoria Mapplebeck


Profile | +44 1784 414412

Contact Steven Marchant

Teaching Fellow

Profile | +44 1784 276376

Contact Jackie Marty

Department Manager

+44 (0)1784 443916

Contact Mary Matheson

Teaching Fellow

Contact Matthew McGuinness

Media Arts Technician 

Contact Mandy Merck

Professor of Emeritus of Film Studies

Profile | +44 1784 414456

Contact Amanda Murphy

Senior Teaching Fellow

Admissions Tutor


Contact Maeve O'Connell

Teaching Fellow in Cinematography

Head of Year One Practice

Contact Sarah Peacock

Art & Design Technician

+44 (0)1784 414461

Contact Gail Pearce

Senior Lecturer

Profile | +44 1784 414334

Contact Diona-Marina Potopea

Teaching Fellow - Video Game Art

Contact Peter Richardson

Professor of Creative Industries

Contact John Roberts

Senior Teaching Fellow

Profile | +44 1784 443941

Contact Aleksandra Rydzkowska

Media Arts Technician 

Contact Will Saunders

Professor of Creative Industries

Contact Neil Smith

Interactive Media Technician

+44 (0)1784 414462

Contact Chris Townsend


Profile | +44 1784 414335

Contact Brandon Wade

Teaching Fellow in Avid Software

Senior Tutor

Contact Mervyn Watson

Lecturer (TF)


Contact Richard Wright

Lecturer in Animation and Visual Effects

Profile | +44 1784 443832

Contact David Young

Lecturer (TF)