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HWB Keynote, Dr Vivian Kraaij and Dr Nadia Garnefski , Leiden University

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  • Date 03 Mar 2020
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Dr Vivian Kraaij and Dr Nadia Garnefski, Leiden University

Living Positive: Research and implementation of an online intervention for people with HIV and depressive symptoms.

Vivian Kraaij & Nadia Garnefski
Leiden University, Clinical Psychology

Our main research interests concern the coping and goal adjustment strategies that people use to handle their chronic disease and its relationship with psychological well-being. With these components we develop evidence-based low-demanding self-help intervention programs to improve psychological well-being. In recent years, we have focused on people with HIV, since they frequently suffer from depressive symptoms. People with HIV still experience a lot of stigma and they do not always receive adequate psychological treatment. Online interventions could offer a solution for this group, since many people can be reached and people can take part in the intervention at a time and place of their choice. Against this background, our research group has developed an online self-help intervention for people with HIV and depressive symptoms: ‘Living Positive with HIV’. The program aims to help people find better ways to deal with having HIV and to improve their mood. Based on CBT techniques, the program consists of eight lessons and focuses on four key components: starting new activities, improving relaxation, changing negative thoughts and working  towards concrete, personal goals. Previous research has shown that the program is effective.

In this keynote we will present how we developed, studied and implemented this online self-help intervention.

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