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Opening a bank account

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Opening a bank account

We recommend that you open a UK bank account so you can manage your money safely while you’re studying in the UK.

 Where can I bank?

  • The nearest bank is Santander which has a branch on campus. 
  • Other local banks are Natwest, Barclays, HSBC and Lloyds, all with branches in Egham, and TSB, which has a branch in Staines-upon-Thames.
  • The major building societies also have branches in Egham and Staines.

What kind of bank account can I have?

  • All international students should be eligible for a basic bank account. This will offer basic services such as allowing you to pay in/withdraw money from the account. You will also have a card allowing you to withdraw money from ATM machines. Basic accounts are usually free if you’re a student and you won’t have to pay charges if you’re in credit.
  • Some banks offer an international student bank account. This will offer extra facilities such as a debit card and reduced fees for depositing foreign cheques or sending money overseas. There is usually a nominal charge of about £5 a month for these accounts.
  • Whatever account you choose, study the details carefully and ask about charges for withdrawing money overseas or transferring money between countries.

For more information, see this handy leaflet from the British Bankers’ Association.

What documentation will I need?

To open a bank account you will need:

  • Official identification (passport)
  • Proof of your student status
  • Proof of your address and funds

Once you have enrolled at Royal Holloway, you can download a Student Status Certificate to prove that you’re studying here. Find out more about Student Status Certificates.

How long will it take?

It can take up to two or three weeks to open a bank account at the start of the academic year.

To speed up the process, complete and email an enquiry form before you arrive.

Student Services Centre

Our Student Services Centre can help with non-academic related enquiries eg college cards, enrolment and graduation.

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