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Centre for Critical and Historical Research on Organisation and Society

Centre for Critical and Historical Research on Organisation and Society

We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers and educators at Royal Holloway.

Professor Elena Giovannoni, Centre Director

The Centre for Critical and Historical Research on Organisation and Society (CHRONOS) actively provides an interdisciplinary, international and inclusive forum to discuss and develop the plurality of ways in which ‘critical’ and ‘historical’ research into organizations, markets and society can be conducted.

The guiding belief of critical research is that it should uncover the social and cultural dimensions and implications of any subject matter, interrogating and questioning mainstream approaches and practices as a way to make a positive difference for organisations, markets and society. This, in turn, needs to be grounded in an in-depth awareness of the origin, historical heritage and evolution of social phenomena, using historical perspectives as a way to delve into present and future trajectories of organisation and society. In this way ‘critical and historical’ research prompts social and cultural awareness and wise judgement among policymakers, organisational leaders and employees while informing public debate within broader society. What is therefore excluded is research concerned with purely technical, asocial and/or a-historical approaches to organisation and management.

Our strengths and key research areas

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on space and time within and across organisations, researching the material, spatial, visual, and temporal/historical nature of organisation and organising phenomena
  • Research into identity and working life, as a way to reconceptualise differences, categories and divisions, and provide fundamental critique of work / life balance
  • Research into critical consumption and politics of markets, including, studies on consumer activism; geopolitics; marketplace cultures; socio-historic patterning’s of consumption; classed resistance; business-politics relations; justice, law and markets
  • Research into accountability and control in diverse settings (global market, corporations, NGOs, charities, arts organisations and creative industries, education, etc).
  • Silent Voices: Feminist and Subaltern Perspectives


Upcoming Events

Please see details below of our latest events:

Accounting and the shifting spheres: landless economies, human assemblies, and the new geocentrism

Prof. Hendrik Vollmer, Warwick Business School, UK. 

13th June 2022, 3:00-4:30pm UK Time, Microsoft Teams meeting  

You can find the abstract of the presentation and a short bio of the guest speaker below.

In making sense of the social world, among accountants and elsewhere, spheres are widely shared but rarely examined social imaginaries. The paper discusses the meaning and significance of spheres for locating accounting and accountants in the wider social world and considers more closely three instances: the sphere of the economic, the public sphere, and the planetary ecosphere. Each of these spheres is associated with a specific imagination of space and offers a distinct sense of place for accountants. As social imaginaries, spheres help accounting find allies and participate in the building of sociotechnical assemblages. Spheres are associated with differences in the constitution and scope of accounts and accountabilities, and they indicate distinct roles for accounting in the shaping of social space. These roles deserve more attention, particularly in relation to the spatial alliances afforded by accounting’s shifting spheres, from the imagination of landless economies to human assemblies and the constituencies of planet Earth.

Hendrik Vollmer has been Associate Professor at Warwick Business School since 2020. He had previously worked at the University of Leicester School of Business (2015-2020) and the Department of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld, Germany (1999-2015). His interests are in Accounting, Social Theory, and Ecological Renewal.

To attend the seminar, please email:

“Doing Critical Research”: a conversation with Journal Editors
23rd June 2022, 11am – 12.30pm, UK time, Microsoft Teams meeting

In this CHRONOS session we have the pleasure to host three of our very own SBM members who also sit in the editorial board of critical journals:

  *   Prof. Andreas Chatzidakis, Marketing Theory

  *   Prof. Fiona Moore, Critical Perspectives on International Business

  *   Prof. Helen Tregidga, Critical Perspectives on Accounting

Andreas, Fiona and Helen will share their respective experiences about what critical research means for them based on their editorial roles. A discussion will follow.

To attend this seminar, please email or

Professor Elena Giovannoni, Centre Director

Research leads
Strategy leads

Giulia Achilli

Gloria Agyemang

John Ahwere-Bafo

Humayun Ansari

Sarah Ansari

Louise Ashley

Alan Bradshaw

Jane Broadbent

Donna Brown

Benedetta Cappellini

Andreas Chatzidakis

Derrick Chong

Jennifer Cole

Neil Conway

Kate Cooper

Caroline Cornish

Philip Crang

Jane Davison

Dan Kärreman

Paul du Gay

Amany Elbanna

Robert Fitzgerald

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Chris Grey

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Pauline MacLaran

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Brendan McSweeney

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Christopher Napier

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Chris Rees

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Richard Laughlin

Leonardo Rinaldi

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Sukanya Sen Gupta

Laura Spence

Emmett Sullivan

Gillian Symon

Mark Tadajewski

Hui Tan

Helen Tregida

Chin-Ju Tsai

Na Zhao

Yingqin Zheng

Maria Simosi

Anica Zeyen

Paul Caussat

Adam Badger

Nicolae Bertalan

Sara Bakr

Ziyun Fan

Courtney Hagen Ford

Patrick Giwa

Farahiyah Haji Kawi

Minping Huang

John King

Ratna Khanijou

Yihan Liu

Ian McDonald

Adam Mckie

Antony Mullin

Saffet Uygur

Niki Vlastara

Matthew Waters

Tracey Wechie

CHRONOS welcomes distinguished visiting academics to foster interdisciplinary and international research collaborations in any CHRONOS research area:

Professor Riccardo Mussari, University of Siena, Italy.

For information and expressions of interest, please contact Professor Elena Giovannoni.

CHRONOS draws on existing skills and resources to:

  • Extend the success of the School of Business and Management’s Critical and historical perspectives (CHP) research group across a number of disciplines
  • Expand national and international collaborations. Our aim is to expand research collaborations to other prestigious institutions and bodies within different countries
  • Facilitate larger research projects and grant applications from members and affiliated research groups
  • Sustain research impact and boost visibility of research output. Provide members with enhanced opportunities for public engagement, boosting the visibility of research outputs and impact of their research on society.
  • Sustain early career researchers, as well as all members, through a productive environment, boosting research culture and fostering professional development

UK research networks and partnerships

Cultural Research Group of Birmingham Business School, UK

International research networks and partnerships

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Department of Business and Law, University of Siena, Italy

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