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Digital Organisation and Society Research Centre

Digital Organisation and Society Research Centre

The Digital Organisation and Society (DOS) Research Centre is an interdisciplinary group of researchers whose work focuses on developing a critical understanding of the implications of digital technologies for work, organisations and society.  Through our individual and collective research, we seek to provide insights into the complex relationship between human practices and digital artefacts, and to generate responsible impact through influencing the development of organisational, Governmental and global policies around the use of digital technologies. The Centre is hosted by the School of Management, Royal Holloway but includes members from other Schools across the College who are conducting innovative and impactful research on this topic.

DOS regularly organises seminars, workshops and mini-conferences.  These are open to all members or associate members of the Centre.  Other interested parties can attend on application to one of the Co-Directors found under 'Key contacts'.

Please click here for more detailed information on individual and collective research projects and publications.

For upcoming events please see the School of Business and Management's Events page.

Professor Gillian Symon and Dr Yingqin Zheng, Co-Directors

Professor Mark Lycett, Research Funding

Professor G (Hari) Harindranath, External Engagement

Amalina Zakariah and Evronia Azer, Early Career Research and Support

Shyam Krishna, Social Media                

Researchers in the DOS area have a wide range of interests in relation to Digital Organisation and Society, however, these are organised into three broad clusters:

Digital technology, organization and work

Cluster leads: Professor Niki Panteli and Professor Gillian Symon

  • Digital communications and connectivity at work;
  • New meanings, forms and places of work and collaboration;
  • Virtual communities and virtual organisation;
  • Artificial intelligence and algorithmic work;
  • Digital labour in a platform economy.
Digital economy and innovation

Cluster leads: Dr Tom Wainwright and Dr. Philip Wu

  • Digital public services (e.g. e-government, e-health, e-learning);
  • Open innovation and crowdsourcing;
  • Big data and business intelligence;
  • Digital consumption; open development (e.g. open data, open science, open education etc.)
  • Digital innovation for a sustainable economy.
Digital inequality, ethics and cyberactivism

Cluster leads: Vera Hoelscher and Dr Yingqin Zheng

  • Technocapitalism and neoliberalism in a digital age;
  • Gender and digital technologies;
  • Online social movements;
  • Digital ethics (e.g. privacy, surveillance, net neutrality);
  • Social inclusion/exclusion and inequality in digital societies;
  • ICT for Development.

In addition, the Centre provides a forum to enhance exploration and integration of existing and emerging digital research methods, including: Big Data analysis, on-line (and off-line) data tracking; data analytics and data visualisation; virtual ethnography; on-line participatory research, including crowdsourcing approaches and ethical issues in digital research. 

DOS is pleased to be hosting Prof Israr Qureshi, Australian National University as a Visiting Fellow during the period 3rd June – 2nd July, 2019.  Professor Qureshi conducts research on digital social innovation and social entrepreneurship, focusing on various dimensions of sustainability and its impact on businesses and society. He has published widely in top management, information systems and organisational studies journals, including Organisation Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, MIS Quarterly and the Journal of Management.

DOS welcomes visiting fellows to foster international and collaborative research in any of our research areas.  For information and expressions of interest, please email Professor Gillian Symon or Dr Yingqin Zheng.

DOS incorporates the Friendly and Critical Support Space (FCSS) for PhD Students, led by Amalina Zakariah and Evronia Azer.

(Twitter: #criticalsupportspace)

“The FCSS is a platform that seeks to provide a community of practice for PhD students through an informal setting that is useful socially, emotionally and intellectually.”

The FCSS hold regular events throughout the year which in recent times has included:

  • Research Ethics Workshop with Prof Laura Spence, Associate Dean for Research, Social Science Faculty, RHUL
  • Insights on the Viva Process, with Dr Vera Hoelscher, RHUL
  • Pre-PhD Conference Presentations, and Q&A with Dr Yingqin Zheng, RHUL

Members of DOS welcome applications to study for a PhD from well-qualified graduates who are interested in any area relating to the clusters above (or even beyond!). Interested individuals can contact the Co-Directors for advice and support and to be referred to suitable supervisors or contact potential supervisors directly. 


Core members

Dr Stephanos Anastasiadis

Dr Chloe Preece

Dr Benedetta Cappellini

Dr Alex Reppel

Dr G (Hari) Harindranath

Prof Gillian Symon

Dr Paul Haynes

Dr Tom Wainwright

Dr Stephen Jackson

Dr Philip Wu

Prof Mark Lycett

Dr Yingqin Zheng

Prof Niki Panteli



Associate Members

Prof Ravinder Barn (Law, RHUL)

Prof Chris Hackley

Dr Roberta Bernardi (University of Bristol)

Dr Claude Heath (Media Arts, RHUL)

Prof Alan Bradshaw

Dr Chris Hine (University of Surrey)

Dr Donna Brown

Prof Sameer Hosany

Dr Gretta Corporaal (OII, University of Oxford)

Prof Ashok Jashapara

Dr JR Cordoba Pachon

Prof Alice Lam

Dr Adrian Coronado

Prof Pauline Maclaran

Prof Phil Crang (Geography, Royal Holloway)

Dr Lauren McCarthy

Dr Romano Dyerson

Dr Asmat Monaghan

Dr Amany Elbanna

Mr Justin O’Brien

Prof Elena Giovannoni

Prof Chris Smith

Prof Michael Gold

Dr Niran Subramaniam (Henley Business School)

Dr Sarah Glozer (University of Bath)

Mr Andrew Walley

Prof John Hagedoorn

Prof CJ Watkins (Comp Sci, RHUL)


Dr Rebecca Whiting (Birkbeck, UoL)


PhD Students

Evronia Azer

Vajihe Javadian

Adam Badger

Sellina Kapondera

Sara Bakr

Shyam Krishna

David Drabble

Priyanka Pandey

Laura Faye

Sania Riaz

Ewenam Gbormittah

Sarah Salah Ud Din

Chris Hall

Sime Serge

Adrian Hawley

Amalina Zakariah

Ayomikun Idowu



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