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Centre for Household Interaction and Economics (CHINE)

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Centre for Household Interaction and Economics (CHINE)

CHINE is the Royal Holloway focal point for research, events and PhD training dedicated to the modelling and analysis of household economic behaviour.

Some of the biggest issues faced by policy-makers today involve outcomes that are shaped by household behaviour. This includes the skills of future generations of workers, population health and health care demands, fertility and household composition, inequality and social mobility, and migration.

Over the past 30 years, economics of the household (or "family economics") has steadily established itself as a sub-field of economics, and one with strong policy relevance in relation to health, education, welfare and labour market policy.

The research interests of the group spans a wide range of issues including:

* Education and skill formation

* Household formation, marriage and cohabitation

* Fertility and childcare

* Intra-household behaviour

* Domestic abuse and vulnerable children

* Health outcomes, nutrition and obesity


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