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Year in Business

Year in Business

Placements for the Year in Business programme enable students to build a robust résumé before graduation

As a Department, we recognise that gaining workplace experience is of the greatest importance to our students, as it is the key to remaining competitive in the current job market.

Lasting between nine and twelve months, the placements for the Year in Business are the ideal way for students to find their feet, and gain a better understanding of their career of choice. Students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, and will gain true insight into their industry of choice.

Placements - FAQs

The responsibility for choosing and securing a placement ultimately belongs to you, the student. However, advice and support are provided at every stage by the Department, in close collaboration with Royal Holloway's Careers Service. The aim of the support is to enable you to choose an appropriate placement and perform effectively in the various recruitment and selection activities that are part of the process of getting a placement.

You will need to undertake the activities recommended to secure a placement in a timely fashion and there will be activities starting during your first year at Royal Holloway which then run through your second year.

Events include presentations with employers and Careers Service workshops (e.g. CV/covering letter preparation, interview skills, LinkedIn Days, summer internships). In the second year there is a compulsory taught course for all Management students, regardless of pathway, which covers employability elements such as CVs, interviews, assessment centres. In addition one-to-one support is offered in the form of career guidance meetings and interview practice with a member of the Careers Service.

More information on the Careers and Employability Service can be found here.

The Department will indicate where within the University you can look for placement opportunities:

  • The Careers Service within the University will have paid internships and placements advertised on the London University 'Jobsonline' website
  • The department will also benefit from some placements and internships as a result of industry relationships
  • Many organisations advertise on their own sites and you will need to explore the internet to maximise your opportunities.

Yes in theory, but all placements that are not known to the department would have to be quality assured to ensure they contain all the appropriate learning opportunities. Placements can also be in the non-profit sector and the same guidelines apply. All placements should be paid above minimum wage levels in order to be approved.

You can look for opportunities within a whole range of organisations from large Blue chip companies, SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), Charity, and Public sector organisations.

Yes in general placements are paid - the pay is normally low but should be equal or greater than the minimum wage.  We do not support you taking a placement that is unpaid or below the minimum wage.

Yes, placements outside the UK will be subject to the same quality assurance procedures Royal Holloway use for approving UK placements and the placement must be appropriate for the course. You do, however, need to be aware that these placements can be more complex than UK placements to arrange. We will also be limited in the support we can provide in terms of onsite visits, but these factors will be discussed in greater detail with you at the time.

If you are seeking a placement in an unstable region or a potentially sensitive setting, please consult with us directly in the Economics Administration Office as early as possible.

If you are registered for any of the placement pathways on a Tier 4 visa you will be able to take up a UK 9-12 month placement under the terms of the visa.

Please visit the link to Royal Holloway's information for International Students and visa applications here.

In this situation you should keep all parties informed and give them a definite date when you will make a decision by. This date should be within one working week of receiving the offer.

It is your responsibility to secure a placement and you have until 31st July in your second year to do so. If you are not able to secure a placement, you can transfer to the three-year version of your chosen degree programme and you will be provided with assistance and guidance by the Economics Administrative team.

Thriving on a Placement - FAQs

You will still be a registered student during your placement year so all the support that is available to you on campus will still be accessible to you.

In terms of placement-specific support, you will be assigned an academic tutor who will be able to provide support for the period of the placement. You will also be able to attend a call-back day at the University when you will have the chance to discuss how your placement is progressing and prepare for the case study report which you submit at the end of your placement.

The Economics Administration Office will be available to answer any queries you might have while on placement.

You can expect to be provided with a clear and full induction to the placement provider's working practices, including health and safety arrangements, fire precautions and emergency evacuation arrangements and how to report accidents/unsafe conditions.

You will also be given the appropriate material and support needed for the performance of your placement plus a nominated supervisor who is responsible for your daily supervision and the provision of feedback. Placement providers are expected to comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and appropriate Employer's Liability and Public Liability Insurance (UK).

  • You are expected to comply with all rules regarding health and safety requirements and the policies and procedures of the placement organisation, including sickness and holiday arrangement.
  • You need to inform the placement provider of any access or special needs that may require adjustments.
  • You are expected to accept instruction from the placement supervisor/mentor and perform to standards set by the placement provider.
  • You should take responsibility for your work, maintain confidentiality (including on social media), and not do anything which would bring Royal Holloway or the placement provider into disrepute.
  • You should keep the Economics Administration Office updated about any issues/changes with the placement and complete all reports/assessments as required by Royal Holloway and attend the relevant visit days/call-back days.

The placement itself is a pass or fail element - you must complete the number of days required to pass and reach a satisfactory performance level as required by the placement provider.

The percentage mark for your placement will be derived from a piece of assessed work which is due to be submitted near the beginning of your 4th year back at University. This will be a case study report which is assessed with your other final-year courses and accounts for 20% of your final-year grade.

If you fail the coursework part of the placement it may be possible to repeat this part of the assessment. If you do not perform satisfactorily on the placement it would not be possible to repeat the placement and this would count as a failed placement. It may still be possible to interrupt your studies and return to University the following September and complete the 3-year  degree.

If the placement is terminated prior to the expected end date (e.g. the company goes bust) but you have already completed at least nine months of the placement, this will still meet university requirements. If less time had been completed this would not qualify for a 4-year Placement Year degree. It may still be possible to interrupt your studies and return to University the following September and complete a 3 year degree. Alternatively it may still be possible to find another placement at a different organisation to make up your nine month requirement.

Tier 4 Students

In the unlikely event that things go wrong on the placement and it is terminated, if you are on a Tier 4 visa you would be required to go home and the visa would be curtailed. You would then have to apply for a fresh Tier 4 visa to resume your final year.

Please visit the link to Royal Holloway's information for International Students and visa applications here.

Reduced rate fees are payable during the placement year during which you will be registered at the University and have full access to the campus, university facilities and student services. Current fee rates are at the reduced rate of 20% of your usual full-time tuition fees. Royal Holloway's Student Finance are available to discuss your financial plan with them.

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