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Sartre Now!

Sartre Now!

An online workshop hosted by the RHUL Centre for Continental Philosophy

‘We speak of Sartre as though he belonged to a bygone era. Alas, we are the ones who in today's conformist moral order are bygone. At least Sartre allows us to await some vague future moment, a return, when thought will form again and make its totalities anew, like a power that is at once collective and private.’ - Gilles Deleuze.


This workshop addressed the continuing relevance of Sartre’s thought for contemporary philosophical discussions in both the Anglo-American and European traditions. Sartre developed innovative accounts of the nature of the imagination, the philosophy of action, the nature of consciousness, and provided profound engagements with ethics and politics, and the philosophy of race. He provides a path to think an ethics of philosophy as a way of life that continues to provide a model or a provocation for later philosophers. Sartre’s influence on figures such as Deleuze, Badiou, and Derrida has been acknowledged, if in some cases belatedly. This workshop explored both the implications of his thought and its influence on those who came after him.



The workshop has already taken place, but you can find links to many of the presentations below.

April 4, 2022 (Monday)

Session 1 (1-2:30pm British Summer Time)

Paper 1: Christos Kalpakidis (University of Bonn). “Jean-Paul Sartre and the contemporary
resurgence of realism”

Paper 2: Céline Marty (Université de Franche-Comté). “Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical
Reason: a social theory of the subject useful to criticize contemporary capitalism”

Session 2 (3-4:30pm BST)

Paper 3: Andrew Jampol-Petzinger (Grand Valley State University). “Sartre, Deleuze, and
the Politics of Difference”

Paper 4: Osman Nemli (Vassar College). “The Voice Before A Body: Sartre and Fanon on
the Radio”

Keynote 1 (5-6:15pm BST): Prof. Christina Howells (Oxford). "Situation of Sartre in 2022: the Spiral and the Dialectic"

April 5, 2022 (Tuesday)

Session 3 (1-2:30pm BST)

Paper 5: Marcel Siegler (TU Darmstadt). “The Dialectics of Society – Sartre’s Theory of
Practical Ensembles”

Paper 6: Sepehr Razavi (University of Montreal). “On the Extension of Shame”

Session 4 (3-4:30pm BST)

Paper 7: T Storm Heter (East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania). “Look: A White
Philosopher!” Sartrean Roots of the Black Existential Thought of Angela Davis and Lewis R. Gordon”

Paper 8: Jay Conway (CSU Los Angeles). “The Durability of a Stone: Sartre on the
Politics and Unrealizability of Identity”

Keynote 2 (5-6:15pm BST): Prof. Jonathan Webber (Cardiff). "Transcendental Phenomenology Meets Negritude Poetry"




Prof. Jeffrey A Bell (SELU)

Dr. Henry Somers-Hall (RHUL)

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