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Pre-sessional English language programmes

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Pre-sessional English language programmes

For Summer 2020, Royal Holloway is working with our pathway partner Study Group to provide an online study solution for students who require support in meeting the English language requirements of their offer.

Study Group will be delivering the Royal Holloway 12, 8 and 4 week Presessional English Language Programmes (PELP) 100% online through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) using a mixture of both synchronous and asynchronous delivery to provide a supportive and engaging experience.

The online courses are aimed at students holding a conditional offer who need to improve their academic English and study skills before they start their studies.

To view our frequently asked questions (FAQs), please click the button below.

Frequently asked questions

What will you study?

The online Presessional English course content will fully prepare you for your degree at Royal Holloway. The course will include the following areas:

Academic Listening & Speaking

  • Following lectures & making notes
  • Understanding seminar interaction & participation 

Academic Reading & Vocabulary

  • Exposure to a variety of academic texts
  • Understanding different reading strategies 

Academic Writing & Research Skills

  • Organising an essay with formal language
  • Finding and supporting ideas with relevant sources

Independent Study Portfolio

  • Completion of set tasks based on weekly content
  • Language development

How will you study?

Face to face/live delivery

Each week your English tutor will meet you live using video-conferencing, live chat or instant messaging to introduce and explain the planned work for the week. It will be an opportunity for you ask questions, meet other students in your group and help create a sense of community. During the course, such sessions will typically involve the whole group, smaller break-out groups and individual 1:1 tutorials to provide more personal feedback.

Working independently

A variety of materials, tasks and additional reading associated with each week of the course will be available on the VLE 24 hours a day. The content will include:

  • Course documentation including the handbook
  • PowerPoints with added audio or video that provide content
  • Academic lectures via audio or video that provide content
  • Online quizzes, surveys and comprehension tasks
  • Guided reading to support and extend content knowledge
  • Discussion forums, wikis or blogs to discuss ideas and deepen understanding
  • Links to external resources to extend knowledge and pursue areas of interest
  • Activities to promote critical reflection

One of the most critical skills that UK Universities value and promote is the ability to study independently. The asynchronous materials available to you will encourage you to acquire these skills gradually over time with more expected of you as the course progresses each week. You need to set aside time each day on the course to do the work allocated by your English tutor but also spend an equal if not more time on independent study.

How will you be assessed?

You will be assessed through a combination of course work submitted to the VLE and on-line exams that will test your skills in Academic Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as well as your engagement with the on-line materials set. In addition, each student will get feedback from their English tutors on how they are progressing via 1:1 live tutorials and formative assessment.

Who will be teaching me?

The online Royal Holloway Presessional English Language programme will be delivered by our pathway partner, Study Group. Royal Holloway have a long established partnership with Study Group and they have established experience of offering English presessional programmes both online and in person. The teaching of the online presessional will be done by Study Group’s experienced English Language tutors.

Dates and fees for 2020 entry

Programme Length Start date Latest Enrolment date End date Tuition fees
12 weeks 18 June 2020 29 June 2020 8 September 2020 £4,005*
8 weeks 16 July 2020 27 July 2020 8 September 2020 £2,735*
4 weeks 13 August 2020 17th August 2020 8 September 2020 £1,470*

*Progression scholarship applies, see details below.


PELP Progression Scholarship

All students who successfully proceed on to Royal Holloway from the Royal Holloway 4, 8 or 12 week Presessional English Language Programme (PELP) will qualify for the online PELP Progression Scholarship. The Scholarship is 25% of the total PELP tuition fee paid by the student and will be taken off the first year of degree tuition fees. Terms and conditions apply, please see below.

Terms and Conditions for the Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Presessional English Language Programme (“PELP”) Scholarship 2020 (“the Scholarship”)

  1. The Scholarship will apply automatically to undergraduate and postgraduate students who have successfully completed the 4, 8 or 12 week PELP 2020 and who thereafter commence a degree course at the College during the academic year 2020/21.
  2. The Scholarship will apply to students who have completed the PELP online through Study Group Ltd between June and December of 2020 or on campus at the College during September to December 2020.
  3. The Scholarship will amount to an automatic 25% reduction in the tuition fees payable by the student for the academic year 2020/21.
  4. The Scholarship will be applied only for the academic year 2020/21.

How to apply

Once you have accepted an offer to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, you can then apply for one of our pre-sessional programmes through your Applicant portal.

You must already hold an internationally-recognised English qualification at a level that will enable you to benefit from a pre-sessional programme. See ‘How to work out which Pre-Sessional English Language Programme to take’ below.

How to accept your offer?

If you are going to study the 12 or 8 week PELP, you can accept your offer by paying at least 50% of your tuition fee which is due before you start the course (50% of 12 week PELP fees is £2,003 and 50% of the 8 week PELP fees is £1,368). The remaining tuition fees will be due halfway through your English language programme.

If you are going to study the 4 week PELP, you can accept your offer by paying your full tuition fees (£1,470) before the start of your English language programme.

How to pay your tuition fees?

For payments of £3000 or less please use Royal Holloway’s secure online card payment facility - ‘epay’- by debit or credit card. You can access ‘epay’ via the follow link epay

For amounts over £3000, we recommend using Globalpay for students platform- globalpay.

This service allows you to pay in your local currency and from your home bank account without worrying about exchange rates, bank charges or funds arriving short at the University.

To make payment you will need your Royal Holloway Student Number.  Please allow up to 5 working days for the payment to be processed.

How to work out which pre-sessional English language programme to take

To find out which pre-sessional English language programme (PELP) you need to take, look at the table below:

  • Select the relevant heading showing the English language test you’ve taken or are planning to take eg IELTS or Pearson.
  • Then select the English language requirement for your chosen degree

The table will then show you whether you need to take the four, eight or twelve-week PELP programme depending on your current English language level.




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