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2021-22 Undergraduate Course Specifications

In response to the ongoing changing circumstances surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made changes to some module assessments for 20/21 and 21/22, so that there are fewer instances where modules are assessed by a single piece of work, and so that assessment on a course is spread more evenly throughout the academic year.  In addition to being more resilient in the event of further disruption, for example another lockdown, this will enable you to understand your progress better.  The course specifications contained in the Degree Course Library show the percentage split of module assessment between practical, coursework and exam categories.  These documents have not been updated for 21/22 where, as a result of the revised assessments, there has been a change in balance between these categories.  The structure of the degree remains unchanged.  Please refer to the Module Catalogue for the most up to date details of the assessment pattern for each module in your degree.