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Department of History


Francis Robinson, Gopi Chand Narang to receive Sir Syed Excellence Awards

Illustrious British historian and Professor of History of South Asia at the University of London, Dr Francis Christopher Rowland Robinson will receive the International Sir Syed Excellence Award 2021


SU You’re Valued Award

Dr Stella Moss, Dr Rob Priest and Professor Jonathan Harris all receive SU You’re Valued Awards!


Frontier Urbanism Month - Keynote Lecture

by Professor Ian Talbot (Southampton). Lahore, Amritsar and the Indo-Pakistan Frontier

Hello, and welcome to the History department.

Could there be a more important time to be a historian?

The study of History ensures that the past remains alive, dynamic, controversial, and ever relevant. It is the study of justice and injustice, innovation and continuity, freedom and oppression, race and religion, ideas and ideologies, exploration and discovery, health and illness, sex and death, architecture and art, literature and music.

To be a historian is to be curious and imaginative: ready to question, to challenge and to learn. It is these qualities which define the History department at Royal Holloway. Comprising a dynamic community of scholars, the department has an international reputation for its research and teaching and commitment to public engagement. We are passionate about our work and committed to the wellbeing of our students.

For more information about the department or to arrange a visit, please do get in touch with me, Dr Daniel Beer, Head of the History Department.