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Guide for parents and guardians


Going to university is a really exciting adventure. But it can be as much of a daunting process for parents and guardians as it is for aspiring students. Most parents prefer to support and guide their sons and daughters in their decisions rather than make these for them*, so want to be informed and able to provide that steer when needed.

We know that all parents' knowledge and own experience of university is different, and that some feel nervous about providing the right support. Add to that the often conflicting emotions parents can experience while watching their child developing into a new chapter of their lives, and it's no wonder they sometimes don't know where to start.

Our series of quick five-minute guides are intended to demystify some of the most commonly-asked-about areas about the application and decision-making process, to equip you with the information you need to best support your son or daughter (PDF).

Timeline: what do we need to do when? (click to open)

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Campus or city university?


Location and environment will have a big impact on your son or daughter's experience. Think about what would suit them, by checking out our guide to the main differences.

Get to grips with the basics of loans, grants and how they work with our handy guide to what you'll need to know, an explataion of some of the jargon, and where you can go for more information.


Where will they live?


Looking forward to living alone for the first time, or prefer to stay at home? University halls or a house or flat in the local area? Catered or self-catered? We explain what all the options mean.

What do we do at an Open Day?


Open Days are the best way to get a feel for the university, but they're packed with things to find out and experience, and you might need to go to two in the same day!  Here are our tips for getting the most out of them.

There are lots of other considerations and we'll be adding to our guides over the next few weeks. If your question isn't covered, please contact us!

*Revisions and Decisions, SMRS, July 2015



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