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Our strategy for the future

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We have a bold vision for Royal Holloway’s future

We have a bold vision for Royal Holloway’s future and a clear strategy for how to make this happen.

Our Strategic Plan 2013-2020 sets out the future we are working towards and the challenges we need to address. Here’s a flavour of what we want to look like by 2020.

Our strengths and achievements are known worldwide

Royal Holloway will be consistently recognised as a top 20 UK university in major league tables and we will hold our place amongst the world's top 200 universities.

Our students are independently minded and socially responsible leaders

We will attract independently minded students who will benefit from being treated as individuals during their education. This will enable them to fulfill their potential, by achieving academic excellence, being prepared for the world of work, having a global outlook and having the confidence to lead in a socially responsible manner.

We are placed amongst the top research universities

Across each of our academic disciplines, we will have high-quality staff and at least one distinctive, world-leading research specialism, along with high levels of performance within the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment exercise. All our taught courses will contain elements that are informed by cutting-edge research and scholarship and our research students will be guided by world-leading researchers.

We take full advantage of our size and flexible structures

We will grow our student numbers from 8,700 to 10,500, whilst retaining our overall human scale and sense of community, so that we can continue to respond flexibly in a changing environment and to work effectively across organisational and disciplinary structures.

We work collaboratively with key partners to achieve greater mutual benefit

Whilst our scale and culture mean that we sometimes achieve more than some larger organisations, other activities will require greater scale and resource. We will be open and collaborative so that we can work with key partners to ensure the best use of our resources and achieve more than we can do alone.

Our campus environment stimulates, inspires and refreshes

Our inspiring and imposing Founder's Building will be complemented by outstanding new facilities that add to the sense of a scholarly community, encourage collaborative, multi-disciplinary activities and provide an individual experience.


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