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Opening Pandora’s Box: Classics on Student Radio

Opening Pandora’s Box: Classics on Student Radio

  • Date27 February 2023

Classics finalist student Mia Ince (pictured) lets us behind the scenes of her popular Classics-themed College weekly radio show Pandora’s Box:


‘One of the many amazing opportunities available at Royal Holloway is a chance to be a part of our student radio station: Insanity Radio 103.2FM! 

Insanity is a student-led society that doesn’t require you to have any previous experience or equipment, that you can join at any time in the year. I joined in my third year at the university with no experience whatsoever and was quickly trained on how to plan a radio show, moderate music, edit and produce music, run a mixing desk, and host a live radio show – all of which I now do on my own show! I’ve also been able to guest-star on several pre-existing shows, and made a whole new network of friends through the society.

Since joining, I’ve introduced our station’s first Classics show ‘Pandora’s Box’ (Fridays 10am), which is all about the classical world and study of Classics. Through the radio I’ve had the opportunity to invite and interview on my show lecturers and students from other departments with interests in Classics on a variety of classical subjects, and make several new connections throughout the university. The Classics Department has been especially helpful with this, and I’ve been lucky enough to interview several lecturers on their specialisms and favourite topics live on air, including Dr. Richard Hawley, Dr. Nick Lowe, and Dr. Liz Gloyn. Through researching and planning my show I have also been able to meet and form several new friendships with other Classics students who share common interests and modules, as well as other members of the radio who want to learn about ancient Greece and Rome.

Hosting this show has also given me a great excuse to broaden my knowledge of Classics, as every week I have a new topic to research and present on – topics which are often submitted by listeners and other Classics students and often push me out of my academic comfort zone. Some of my favourite topics so far this year have been: Ghosts and the Supernatural in ancient Greece, the Odyssey in 10 minutes or less, and What do we think of Disney’s Hercules (1997)? Anything in Classics is open for discussion, and (being a radio show) is always discussed with the backdrop of my favourite music. 

If you’re a creative person or have an interest in radio, journalism, art, or anything else, there will be a society at Royal Holloway for you, and a way to incorporate your love of Classics into it.’

To join Insanity Radio 103.2FM, follow this link!

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