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The Classics department at Royal Holloway, University of London, is part of a University of London consortium, with King's College London, UCL and the Institute of Classical Studies. Working together with our partner institutions, we can an offer a great range and specialism and expertise in the study of the Classical world.

In 2020-21, all the members of the consortium are planning to mitigate in the face of likely affects of CoVid-19. All modules will have on-line components which will enable those self-isolating to take the course. In the event of staff illness or isolation, or a general lockdown, the courses will be designed to be delivered at a distance. There is a hope that face-to-face teaching will be the primary mode, but we are committed to flexible delivery to meet student needs and staff availability. 

In consequence, the choice of modules for 20-21 has been somewhat reduced, but across the institutions, we think we are offering an excellent programme. 

The Institute of Classical Studies operates as a host for basic information, which is available here

For detailed information about specific courses, you need to look at the appropriate institutional site, for the Institute of Classical Studies, King's College London, UCL Ancient History, and UCL Greek and Latin

More details about the registration process for RHUL MA students will be e-mailed to all students in August. 

If you have queries or would like to discuss MA options, please e-mail Professor Richard Alston or the Humanities Office. 

The modules provided by Royal Holloway Classics are listed below. 

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