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Founded in 2016 to provide an unprecedented and mutually beneficial link between academic economists and the private sector

As researchers, we are always looking to maximise the impact of the research we do in the economy; BRIDGE proactively works with private (and public) sector organisations to provide research and insight to help solve complex challenges, understand the mechanism behind economic decisions, and maximise the impact of policy changes.

In the current data-driven world, it is estimated that only 20% of data held by firms is utilised for analysis. Despite the growth and improvement of analysis techniques in recent years, outside of large firms in the financial sector utilisation of sophisticated modelling techniques is scarce. Academic economists not only use, but are actively involved in developing such techniques for econometric analysis. We consistently rank within the top 10 economics departments in the country, with 80% of our department’s research classed as world-leading or internationally excellent by REF.

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