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Links to Industry

On our MSc Finance, MSc Corporate Finance and MSc Computational Finance programmes, you will be taught by people with a wealth of industry experience.

Academic Staff 

Professor Alessio Sancetta

Professor of Economics, Royal Holloway, University of London Director of the MSc Finance and Co-director of the MSc Computational Finance.

He worked full time in the finance industry both for proprietary trading firms and tier one investment banks in London. His industry experience lies in intra-day trading of futures and European options, and high frequency algorithmic trading. He is an expert in the microstructures of several electronic platforms such as EBS, Reuters, CME and NASDAQ. He currently consults in the area of algorithmic trading and technology driven algorithms and liquidity provision.  He is Head of Algorithmic Execution Intelligence at UBS, London, for Fx, futures, rates and credit and his finance research has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNN amongst others.

He has been assistant editor of the Econometric Journal and has published in leading econometrics and statistics journals in a wide range of topics ranging from financial econometrics to theoretical statistics. His current research interests are on financial predictions, functional data analysis, volatility estimation, high dimensional estimation, and machine learning techniques. He holds a PhD from Cambridge University where he subsequently worked as post-doc and University Lecturer for a number of years. Further details on his biography previous to 2007 can also be found in Marquis Who's Who in the World 2007.  

Dr Pierre-Olivier Fortin

Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London 

Dr Pierre-Olivier Fortin is senior lecturer in the MSc program. After training as a mathematician in France, Dr Fortin joined JP Morgan where he worked for 10 years in various roles including electronic trading, derivative research for fixed income and credit departments. He then completed a PhD in finance and economics at the University of Durham and the European Business School in Wiesbaden and worked for the Toulouse School of Economics before joining Royal Holloway as a lecturer in 2014.
Dr Fortin’s main research interests focus on the relationship of asset price with the availability of credit. One aspect he investigates is the link between asset price dynamic and the overall leverage of a financial system, another aspect is the link between real estate affordability and credit creation. Since the beginning of his academic career Dr Fortin has been providing financial and strategic consultations for a range of companies, from hedge funds to industrial corporations.

Currently Dr Fortin is also Chief Financial Officer for the technology start-up Innoside and is a member of the board of director of Oristan the management company of the Crystal funds (a credit opportunity fund).


Regular Guest Speakers

With established links directly to professionals working in the finance industry in London, we have a number of guest speakers who are invited in to talk to students. These include Florent Boussié and Olivier Gozlan.

Florent Boussié 

Professional Market Risk Manager in the City of London

Florent Boussié works at the Royal Bank of Scotland, as a Director in Market Risk, currently heading Foreign Exchange and Emerging Markets, after covering a wide range of areas from Hybrid Derivatives Trading to the Credit Valuation Adjustment. He qualified as an Engineer in France, holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from Caen University and for many years traded financial derivatives for Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, Susquehanna and The Bank of New York.

Olivier Gozlan

Portfolio Manager of Crystal Fund

Mr. Gozlan is the Portfolio Manager of Crystal Fund snce 2006. He is responsible for monitoring positions, identifying new opportunities, presenting trade ideas to the investment committee and trading. Prior to joining Crystal Fund, Mr. Gozlan spent 3 years at JPMorgan as a CDO structurer, responsible for various aspects from origination to execution of new CDO transactions, as well as restructuring seasoned transactions. He has also been involved in several research projects with focus on quantitative modelling and analysis.

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