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Impact Cases

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Impact Cases

Discover some of the ways research from our Department of English has created an impact.

Remaking 16th century poetry for today’s world

Researchers from the Department of English have investigated how to remake the 16th-century poem The Faerie Queene, by Edmund Spenser, for today’s world, bringing together different faith groups, schools, musicians, puppeteers and poets which contributed to cultural life and public discourse.

Influencing changes to English A-Level syllabi

Professor Robert Eaglestone’s research into literary theory, ethics, and contemporary literature, and their place in the teaching of English, has brought significant and enduring changes to the A-level syllabi, benefiting both teachers and students.

Impacting cultural life as authors of a range of genres

Professor Adam Roberts is a specialist in the literature and culture of science fiction and has impacted cultural life as the author of 13 full-length novels, nine novella-length fictions and dozens of short stories.

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