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Geopolitics, Development, Security and Justice Research Group

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Geopolitics, Development, Security and Justice Research Group

GDSJ works on a range of vitally important issues across political, development and social geography and has interdisciplinary reach in its connections to international relations, development studies, anthropology, sociology, disaster studies; health and gerontology. We have also built interdisciplinary links across RHUL with the Information Security Group (ISG)Centre for Research into Sustainability (CRIS), the Centre for the GeoHumanities, and The ICT4D Collective.

GDSJ’s 20 academic researchers and 25+ PhD students are committed to research both in and across the Global North and Global South including the UK and Overseas Territories, the Arctic and Antarctica, South and Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

GDSJ organises a range of events including research theme and praxis workshops, ‘brown bag’ lunches and seminars. The group runs two MSc programmes; the MSc Geopolitics and Security and MSc Practising Sustainable Development.

Our researchers

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Our PhD students

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