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Collections in Circulation: 9-10 May 2019

The Mobile Museum Project Conference took place at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th May 2019.

A full conference programme, paper abstracts and speaker biographies may be downloaded from this webpage. A conference podcast and a conference report are also available. 

The conference brought together 100 researchers and curators from the UK and overseas with an interest in the mobility of museum collections, past and present. The papers addressed various aspects of the history of the circulation of objects and their re-mobilisation in the context of object exchange, educational projects and community engagement. 

Speakers included Claudia Augustat (Vienna), Paul Basu (London), Joshua Bell (Washington), Martha Fleming (Copenhagen), Stephen Hooper & Karen Jacobs (Norwich), Tony Kanellos (Adelaide), Sally Gregory Kohlstedt (Minneapolis), Luciana Martins (London), Catherine Nichols (Chicago), Jude Philp (Sydney), Daniel Simpson (London), Alice Stevenson (London), and members of the Mobile Museum project team (Caroline Cornish, Felix Driver, Mark Nesbitt and Laura Newman).

A conference reception was held in Kew’s Shirley Sherwood Gallery, and there were also tours of the Economic Botany Collection, library, archives and herbarium.

To listen to the conference papers and discussion, click here.

Twitter: #CollectionsinCirculation, @KewMobileMuseum

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