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Centre for Visual Cultures

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Centre for Visual Cultures

The Centre for Visual Cultures is an interdisciplinary research centre at Royal Holloway for cutting-edge research into Visual Cultures.

Based in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, it offers an exciting new platform for exploring and celebrating manifestations of art and culture, as well as redefining and contesting accepted notions of visuality.

‘Visual Cultures’ is a broad, multiple term encompassing all forms of visual practice and visual media (fine art and sculpture, photography, film, illustration and design, installation and performance). The emphasis on ‘cultures’ reflects our acute sensitivity to cultural influences and difference and a commitment to context, that is, the cultural specificities of visually oriented art work and its material modes of production and reception (geographical location, period, aesthetics, ideology).

The Centre draws on the full range of research expertise in Visual Cultures within the School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures and provides a forum to bring together scholars, practitioners and curators from within and beyond the university. Our distinctive focus is on interartistic and intermedial approaches embracing art history, photography, film and video, as well as theoretical issues around visuality and materiality, word and image relations, and curatorship.

Through research projects, colloquia and talks, research seminars and training workshops, exhibitions as well as informal dialogues and exchange, the Centre will provide a focal point and hub to foster transversal links allowing established academic colleagues and postgraduates to interact, collaborate and share ideas on a regular basis.

Join us on the adventure into Visual Cultures!

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