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About us

General information

Since 2007 we have built philosophy into an exciting, diverse, and distinctive department, and one of the few centres in the world that allows students to study across the divide between Anglo-American 'analytic' and European/Continental traditions in contemporary philosophy, with additional options in the history of philosophy (including ancient and Hellenistic philosophy and modern and contemporary political thought) and in philosophy’s relationship to literature and the practicing arts.

Our programmes are delivered by a core group of philosophy staff supported by academics in Drama, English, and Politics and International Relations, all of whom are recognized teachers and researchers in their fields. In this way we have constructed a philosophy programme that connects to disciplines across the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Since September, 2017 Philosophy has been a distinct department within the School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, where many of the most recent initiatives have been put forward working with the School's political theory group. Philosophy is now located on the first floor of the College's spectacular Founder's Building.

Contact details

For general enquiries, you can contact the Director of the School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy Professor Chris Hanretty (telephone: +44 1784 443961; email

Alternatively, you can contact the administrative team for philosophy (telephone: +44 1784 443680; email

To see an alphabetical list of academic staff, visit our staff directory.

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