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CCP Research Paper Index

CCP Research Paper Index


Babette Babich (Fordham), 'Apocalyptic Thinking after Günther Anders,' 19/06/23, in collaboration with the CPCT, Goldsmiths 

Rebecca Bamford (Quinnipiac), 'Nietzsche, the Ethical, and Disability,' 19/03/21

Jeffrey A. Bell (SELU), 'Pluralism = Monism: The PSR and the History of Modern Philosophy; or Towards a Rethinking of Foucault and Putnam,' 18/11/22

Levi Paul Bryant (Collin College), 'Some Themes of Wilderness Ontology,' 11/02/22


Jay Conway (CSU Los Angeles), 'The Durability of a Stone: Sartre on the Politics and the Unrealizability of Identity,' 05/04/22 (Sartre Now! workshop)


Neil Gascoigne (RHUL), 'Pragmatism, Conceptual Engineering, and the Ethics of Controversy,' 19/11/21

Debbie Goldgaber (LSU), 'Ancestral Events and Posthumous Texts: Towards a grammatological account of evidence,' 05/11/21


Andrew Haas (Warwick), 'My “a priori”’ and Nietzsche’s (Phos II),' 09/02/24

T Storm Heter (East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania), 'Look: A White Philosopher!” Sartrean Roots of the Black Existential Thought of Angela Davis and Lewis R. Gordon,' 05/04/22 (Sartre Now! workshop)


Andrew Jambol-Petzinger (Grand Valley State University), 'Sartre, Deleuze, and the Politics of Difference,' 04/04/22 (Sartre Now! workshop)


Leonard Lawlor (Penn State), 'How to Reach the Absolute: Bergson’s Anti-Kantianism,' 24/03/22

Manhua Li (RHUL), 'From the Care of the Self to the Critique of the Subject,' 27/05/22


Céline Marty (Université de Franche-Comté), 'Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason: a social theory of the subject useful to criticise contemporary capitalism,' 04/04/22 (Sartre Now! Workshop)


Osman Nemli (Vassar College), 'The Voice Before A Body: Sartre and Fanon on the Radio,' 04/04/22 (Sartre Now! Workshop)


Tina Röck (Dundee), 'Is there truth in a dynamic world? Dispelling A Dogma of Thought,' 20/01/23


Marcel Siegler (TU Darmstadt), 'The Dialectics of Society – Sartre’s Theory of Practical Ensembles,' 04/04/22 (Sartre Now! Workshop)

Henry Somers-Hall (RHUL), 'Sartre's Hidden Bergsonism: The Logic of Multiplicities in Sartre's Early Work,' 12/02/21


Ted Toadvine (Penn State), 'Future Fossils: Phenomenology and the Crises of Time in the Anthropocene,' 21/01/22


David Ventura (RHUL), 'Decolonial Futures: Glissant and Fanon on Departing from the Colonial Past,' 18/03/22


Nathan Widder (RHUL), 'Forget the virtual, what matters is intensity: on the development of Deleuze’s distinction between the virtual and intensity from Nietzsche and Philosophy to The Logic of Sense,' 19/02/21


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