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HWB Seminar, Dr Ben Ainsworth, University of Bath

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  • Date 09 Dec 2019
  • Time 1pm-2pm
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Dr Ben Ainsworth, University of Bath

Psychological and behavioural interventions for respiratory disease

Asthma and COPD are complex, multidimensional chronic conditions. Even though effective pharmacotherapy is available for asthma, patient outcomes remain suboptimal. Psychological dysfunction (such as anxiety) is very common and associated with poor asthma outcomes. Therefore, appropriately targeted psychological interventions may potentially improve quality of life and other outcomes – by improving health-related behaviours (such as medication adherence) and by improving subjective asthma symptoms and quality of life. To this end, we have evaluated the feasibility of psychological and behavioural interventions, including a well-known digital mindfulness programme (Headspace). I will discuss findings from these evaluations, and experimental and theoretical work that has examined possible mechanisms of improvement.

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