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School of Humanities

School of Humanities

Welcome to the School of Humanities

The Humanities help us understand ourselves, others, and the world around us; to be curious, creative, critical, and empathetic thinkers; and to express ourselves, our knowledge, and ideas in new and different ways.

Here in the School of Humanities at Royal Holloway, we offer a rich and diverse, research-led curriculum that helps prepare students for the future of work, cultivates a global outlook, and engages with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Across our four Departments, Classics, English, History and Languages, Literatures and Cultures, we combine international leadership in research with excellence in teaching, working together as a community committed to supporting our students to broaden their horizons and pursue their interests.

Our work is also shaped by the socially progressive mission of our nineteenth century founders, Elizabeth Jesser Reid and Thomas Holloway, pioneers committed to widening access to higher education. Today this spirit manifests itself in our commitment to social justice, equality, and inclusivity.   

A message from our Executive Dean

“We are committed to providing teaching that crosses disciplinary lines, giving students a diverse and enriching experience of the Humanities. From the study of Classical and World Literatures to our courses in Creative Writing and Public History, we want our students to have the chance to follow their interests and develop skills.

We also work closely with external partners to bring students opportunities and experiences that beyond traditional degree boundaries, building up a base of skills to fuel their future careers.

Our view is that the Humanities aren’t traditional, static subjects – they’re active, alive and evolving. With that in mind, we are passionate about championing civic, social, and environmental awareness and engagement through studying our degree courses.”

Professor Giuliana Pieri

Head of School, School of Humanities