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Music scholarship

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Music scholarship

We offer music scholarships, worth £300 a year, to undergraduate instrumentalists and singers. The scholarship is paid as a cash award. You don’t need to be studying a Music degree to be eligible.

How do I apply?

The deadline for applications is 24 February 2020.

In order to apply please click the ‘submit the application’ link below. You will be asked to submit an audio recording that best showcases your performing skills. Instrumentalists should submit at least two contrasting pieces while singers should submit three contrasting songs.

Applicants also need to upload a copy of the highest performance qualification if available and a ‘testimonial’ from an authority (such as a teacher) to verify that the recordings are of the applicant’s performances.

Submit an application

If you have any queries please contact

Additional information

Your audio recording should be authenticated by your music or instrumental teacher.

Please bear in mind that successful applicants should have normally received a merit or distinction in ABRSM or Trinity/Guildhall Grade VIII or reached an equivalent standard in performance at least a year before their application.

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